Dr. Amritpal Singh

Assistant Professor

Dr. Amritpal Singh did his Masters degree in (Hons School) Physics in the year 2007 from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Master degree in Plasma Physics in the year 2009 from Queen University of Belfast, Northern Ireland (UK) and doctorate in Applied Physics in the year 2013 from University of Pisa, Italy on the topic Ion Acceleration by Solitary and Shock Waves Driven by Laser- Plasma Interactions.  He has 6 years of teaching experience

6 Years in Teaching

Laser-Plasma-Interactions (Theory & Simulation),
Nuclear Physics

M.Sc (Hons Physics), M.Sc (Plasma Physics), Ph.D.

Publication Details

Research Papers: 

  1. Electrical, Thermal and optical Diagnostics of an Atmospheric Plasma Jet System.  Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing 30, issue 5, pp 537-552 (Oct, 2010).

  2. Correlation between Electrical and Optical properties of an Atmospheric Pressure Plasma during Siloxane coating deposition. Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing 31, issue 1, pp 139-156 (Feb, 2011).

  3. Solitary versus shock wave acceleration in laser-plasma interactions. Physical Review E, 85, 046402 (Apr, 2012).

  4. Ion acceleration by collisionless shocks and solitons in laser plasma interactions. International conference on Plasma Science (ICOPS2012) July 2012, Edinburgh, UK Proceeding of this conference is published in IEEE transactions of Plasma Science (2012). ISBN No.: 978-1-4577-2128-1.

  5. Shock ion acceleration and Solitary acoustic wave acceleration in laser-plasma interactions. The Proceedings of this paper presented in “Coulomb 2011 workshop in Bologna, Italy” have been published by Fondazione Alma Matter and Bononia University Press Vol 10, 2012. ISBN No.: 978-88-7395-808-6.
  6. Simulation studies of radiation pressure-driven light sail and shock acceleration ProC. SPIE 8779, Laser Acceleration of electrons, protons and ions II; and Medical Applications of Laser-generated beams of particles II; and Harnessing Relativistic plasma Waves III, 87790H (May 2013); doi 10.1117/12.2017379.