Legal Aid Club

It has been aptly said by Justice Bhagwati that legal aid is the delivery system of social justice. To achieve this objective of social justice a “Legal Aid Club” has been established in the college. This club has been set up in association with the National Services Scheme. The aim behind the conception of the Legal Aid Club is to ensure that nobody is condemned unheard and every person is given a fair trial before the court of law. It also promotes justice on the basis of equal opportunity to all. The members of the legal aid club spread awareness about legal literacy by a various novel and innovative methods like through paintings, posters, cards, street plays, declamations and debates, legal awareness camps and seminars etc. They educate the public at large about their various rights like human rights, consumer rights, rights of women and children, labor rights right of children for free and compulsory education etc. The youth and public at large is also motivated to eradicate evils like domestic violence and cruelty against women, dowry, female foeticide, drug addiction, bonded labor & corruption etc.
The club also works closely with the District Legal Services Authority and it educates those who cannot access justice due to economic and other disabilities. People who are eligible for getting legal aid under the law like Women and children; Members of SC/ST; Industrial workmen; Victims of mass disasters; Disabled persons; Persons in custody; and victims of Trafficking in Human beings are told about their rights. The members of the club also persuade people to settle their disputes amicably through Lok Adalats.