Environmental degradation is the biggest problem being faced by mankind today. The conservation, protection and improvement of human environment (degraded by man himself) by following the approaches and philosophy of sustainable development i.e, the development and ecological maintenance to go hand- in – hand is the need of the hour. Today, the era is not of living in isolation; this is the age of holism; existence of one world as a whole. The degradation of environment of a particular region ultimately affects the global environment.
“Care and Share” seems to be the simple ideology to be followed and practiced by each human in order to accomplish the goal of environmental conservation. People have proven that they care deeply about environmental issues through the seminars, interactions and discussions but unfortunately when it comes to action – the views differ on the aspect of sharing the responsibilities. A holistic view of right to life and sharing more responsibilities is the key to change the existing scenario. The society needs to follow a form of growth and development that meets the current human needs while conserving and preserving the natural resources to meet the needs of future generations as well.
Keeping in view the ideology that “Actions Speak Louder than Words”, Lyallpur Khalsa College has established a Nursery in its premises. The sole motive of bringing up this nursery is to make the students aware about the importance of plants for the environment. The involvement of students in maintenance of nursery will result into the students coming to know and realize the level of satisfaction one gets while rearing and observing a plant growing and then blooming rather than plucking the flowers. Dutch scientists and recreation experts have calculated that 75 m2 green space per household is required and this green space should be available within 500m distance from the house/building. This green planted area which is planned right from the start allow in saving 15-20% energy cost in every house. Floriculture and Landscaping is an area that results in the economic development as well as is an eco-friendly trade. More than 180 countries are involved in floriculture trade worldwide. Hence, through maintenance of a nursery in the college premises the dual purpose of creating awareness among the students about their responsibility towards the conservation of natural resources as well as capacity building and skill enhancement among the youth in the area of floriculture and landscaping which is the most upcoming field of research and professional development is achieved. The quality of nursery being maintained at Lyallpur Khalsa College, Jalandhar and the efforts being put in by the staff and students has already left a mark in the society.
Lyallpur Khalsa College participated in an Inter College Flower Show “Spring-2019” and seminar on “The Search for Environmental Justice” organised by Khalsa CollegeAmritsar on 26th of Feb, 2019 and won prizes in all the six categories.
Recently, the institution has made a remarkable performance and won the overall trophy in “Spring Flower-cum-Plant Show” organized by Department of Botanical and Environmental Sciences and Landscape Department of Guru Nanak Dev University on March 13 to 15, 2019. The event was sponsored by Ministry of Environment and Forests& Climate change.
Lyallpur Khalsa College bagged in a total of 17 prizes in different categories of potted plants. 9 first prizes were in the categories of Antirrhinum, Dahlia, Asparagus, Crotons, Ferns, Group of 8 ornamental plants, Cacti (Non-grafted), Rangoli with flower petals. And second prizes in the categories of Pansy, Petunia, Ranunculus, Aglaonema, Dieffenbachia, Fichus, Succulents and Single best Specimen of Bonsai.
The worthy principal of the college, Dr. Gurpinder Singh Samra congratulated the staff and the students for this achievement and said that it is the duty of every individual to put into practice his/her share of responsibility towards environmental protection. He further stated that he feels contented on seeing that his students and staff are abreast with the current problems the world is facing, they care for their planet and always take initiatives in the field of societal and human welfare.