Computers Science & IT - Computing Labs

Computer Hardware & Electronics Lab

Students have access to the most modern technology, which is regularly updated by the Department of Computer Science & IT. The Labs are equipped with modern computers and assembling & disassembling tools such as:

  • Monochrome TV Trainer Kit
  • Digital IC Tester, Digital Trainer Kit
  • Emergency Light Trainer Kit
  • Encoder-Decoder Kit, Shift Register Kit
  • Function Generator, 8086/88 Microprocessor Kit
  • ACD/VCD/MP3 Trainer Kits
  • SMPS Trainer Kit
  • CRO Dual Trace, CPU Trainer Kit
  • Color TV Trainer Kit
  • Diagnostic Card for CPU Trainer Kit.
  • SMD Workstation, Motorola Box
  • Mobile Training Kit, Nokia Box
  • UFS Box, Blue Tooth Device
  • I-Red Device

Instrumentation & Maintenance Facility

This centre is an effort under UGC scheme for the maintenance of the various equipments, instruments, computer and its peripherals installed in the college, in the various laboratories.

Project Lab

The project laboratory is one of the first of its kind to be connected as Local Areas Networks. The project lab is used by final yearUG & PG students for software development, project assembly and project fabrication.

Cyber Center

This centre is equipped with 25 state of the art computers connected through LAN and 3 Mbps leased line provides free access to students and is major resource for faculty development.

Department Library

Apart from the Central Library of the College, which has more than 91,000 books, the Department has technology specific books in its own library. Latest magazines, journals and newsletters are subscribed. The library has collaboration with British Library and DELNET (Developing Library Network) for resource sharing. Association with DELNET will help us to join 820 libraries in India and 6 libraries abroad.


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