MA (History)

Duration: 2 Years (Semester System)
Eligibility: Bachelor’s Degree in any faculty with 50% marks
in aggregate or 45% in the subject concerned. Or
Master degree from GNDU or other university in other subjects. 

Programme Structure for MA ( History)


1. Political Processes and Structures in India upto A.D. 1200

2. (a): Society and Culture in India upto A.D.1200

3. Polity and Economy of India (A.D.1526-1750)

4. Political Ideas and Institutions in India (A.D.1757-1947)

5. History of the Punjab (A.D.1450-1708)


1. Urban and Agrarian Economy in India upto A.D. 1200

2. ( Opt a): Society and Culture of India (A.D. 1200-1750)

3. (Opt a): Eighteenth Century Punjab

4. Modern World: Major Trends (A.D.1500-1900)

5. Economic History of Modern India (A.D.1757-1857)


1. (Opt b): Socio-Cultural History of India: ( A.D. 1858- 1947)

2. Emergence of Indian Nationalism: 1857-1919 A.D.

3. Punjab Under Colonial Rule: 1849-1947 A.D.

4. Twentieth Century World (1901-2000 A.D.)

5. Historical Thought and Historiography


1. Economic History of Modern India: 1858-1947 A.D.

2. The National Movement: 1920-1947 A.D.

3. (Opt b) Contemporary Punjab

4. Indian Historiography

5. (Opt a) History of Ideas



Faculty: Department of History

  • Sukhvinder Kaur Rai, M.Phil. (Head of Dept.)
  • Suman Chopra, M.A.(Gold Medalist), Ph.D

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