Sciences - M.Sc. Chemistry

M.Sc. (Chemistry) - (Semester System)

Duration: 2 Years
(a) B.Sc (Hons.) degree in the subject concerned
(b) B.Sc examination with atleast 50% marks and has studied the subject at graduation level as an elective subject.
(c) any examination recognised as equivalent to (a) and (b) as above

M.Sc. (Chemistry) -  (Semester I)

Course-I: Ligand Field Theory
Course-II: Organic Reaction Mechanism-I
Course-III: Physical Chemistry - Thermodynamics
Course-IV: Spectroscopy A : Techniques for Structure Elucidation of Organic Compounds.
Course-V: Computer for Chemists - Theory + Computer for Chemists - Practical
Course-VI: Inorganic Chemistry - Practical (Quantitative Analysis)
Course-VII: Organic Chemistry - Practical

M.Sc. (Chemistry) -  (Semester II)

Course-VIII: Organometallic Chemistry
Course-IX: Organic Reaction Mechanism-II
Course-X: Physical Chemistry- Quantum Chemistry
Course-XI: Reaction Mechanisms and Metal Clusters
Course-XII: Spectroscopy B : Techniques for Structure Elucidation of Inorganic Compounds.
Course-XIII: Mathematics for Chemists or Biology for Chemists
Course-XIV: Organic Chemistry - Practical
Course-XV: Physical Chemistry - Practical

M.Sc. (Chemistry) - (Semester III)

Course-XVI: Inorganic Chemistry-II
Course-XVII: Organic Synthesis
Course-XVIII: Surface and Polymer Chemistry
Course-XIX: Electrochemistry and Chemical Dynamics
Course-XX: Photochemistry and Pericyclic reactions
Course-XXI: Inorganic Chemistry Practical (Preparations)
Course-XXII: Physical Chemistry Practical

M.Sc. (Chemistry) - (Semester IV)

Course- XXIII: Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
Course-XXIV: Natural Products
Course-XXV: Chemistry of Materials
Course-XXVI: Project/Advanced practical

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