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Nov 10, 2017

DST Inspired Science Internship Camp continues

Eminent scholars from various universities presented their research paper on the 3rd day of the five day DST Inspired Science Internship Camp organizdd by the Department of Biotechnology. The chief guest of the session was Dr. P.K. Patti from Department of Biotechnology, GNDU Amritsar. Principal Dr. Gurpinder Singh Samra and Dr. Arun Dev Sharma give floral welcome and moments to the chief guest. The topic of talk was on “Plant Tissue culture: A powerful tool for crop improvement” which is a relevant topic. Dr. Patti mentioned that plant had special status in ancient text like Vedas. They are used by different purpose and have important role in Human Life. They can be grown by different ways ‘Plant Tissue Culture is aspectic way of growing plant. It has many type like culture of intact plant, Embryo culture, organ culture, callus culture. This technology is useful for Plant multiplication, generation of disease free plant. This technology has enormous potential for generation of pharmaceutically important compound Genetic transformation is another important area in this technique examples are Blue Roses, Golden Rice and Flavr Savr Tomato. This technique has been successfully used in generation of Drought Resistant and stress Tolerant Plant. Hence this technique offer enormous opportunity to control the future problems. Student patiently listen and participated actively in discussion. Faculty members from biotech and other departments were present at this function. President Sardarni Balbir kaur congratulate the department for organising inspire Camp. Dr. G.S. Samra informed that over 150 students from different meritorious schools participated in this event. In view Fitness of student, Sport Meet was organized for the student of INSPIRE Camp. Student actively participated in the various event like Sack Race, 100 meter race, Pitcher Race, and tug of war. Sack Race and Tug of War was the main interaction among these items. All the participated and Spectators enjoyed the event very much. All of them feel fresh and rejuvenated after event. All the faculty members from different departments were present on the occasion.

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