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Nov 14, 2017

2nd Day of National Workshop goes successful

On the 2nd day of the four day national workshop on ‘Insilico Analysis tools in plant stress biology’. Dr.(Prof.) Prabhjeet Singh Dept. of Biotech Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar graced the occasion with his presence Dr. Prabhjeet was accompanied by Honorable Principal Dr. Gurpinder Singh Samra and Revered that Department of Biotech cum Convenor of the workshop, Dr. Arun Dev Sharma. He was honored with a floral welcome and a memento. Dr. Inderjeet Singh gave an extensive talk on the topic’ Implication of Stress Regulated Calmodulin- Binding Proteins in Plants’. His talk was focused on the importance of Calmodulin HSP-90 interaction and its cardinal role in stress regulation. He also emphasized on the use of analytical tools of bioinformatics and their use for validation of results. From his experimental work, their lab was able to isolate 2 novel genes in collaboration with university of Delhi which have now been taken up by PAU for crop improvement program. The second session was a hands on practical training which was conducted by Prof. Gobind Ram, PG Dept of Biotechnology. The faculty members of Biotech Department Dr. Gurpreet Singh, Dr. Harsharan Singh, Prof. Gobind Ram, Dr. Inderjeet, Prof. Vijayeta, Prof. Shubneet and Prof. Navjot were also present during the program.

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