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Feb 11, 2018

S. Balbir Singh: A soul dedicated to social welfare and Education

Late S. Balbir Singh was a multi dimensional personality which was equally adapt to the spheres and qualities of an able Educationist, competent Politician, administrator and above all a true humanist. Virtues such as these enabled him to serve our society and education in particular as the President of the Governing Council of Lyallpur Khalsa College for 35 years with unwavering levels of dedication. His extremely successful work in the field of education and thereby changing the face of the Doaba region of Punjab is worth mentioning. It was his initiative regarding technical and Computer based education that proved to be an inspiration leading to Lyallpur Khalsa Educational Institutes achieving new heights and thus becoming today’s prime center of education earning him the untiring respect of every individual concerned with the institutions. He was the first brain to realize the importance of Computer Science education in whole North India . It is due to this ground breaking thinking that Lyallpur Khalsa College is now widely ranked as one of the topmost colleges of this country. His vision was not just to run educational institutes but to create new levels of educational initiatives which serve the region beyond imparting mere degrees to the students. S. Balbir Singh was an able politician who worked tirelessly for the social causes seen by his eyes as worthy of the authorities’ attention. He became an integral part of Gyani Zail Singh led Punjab Government where he successfully performed his duties as the cabinet minister of health. After serving his state with distinction, he then stepped up to the national level with his Rajya Sabha membership in 1992 and his emphatic selection to Lok Sabha in 1999. Representing the public in both the houses of Indian Parliament, he duly raised his voice for issues which at that time was the basic need of the hour. He was also an eminent member of the committee that was responsible for the laying out of National Highways in India . He is also very fondly remembered by Indians living abroad who always felt closely connected to him as the 2-time nominated Patron of the NRI Sabha, working for the welfare of NRIs. The widespread development of the Doaba region of Punjab can also be attributed to him. Apart from the educational and Political sphere he also contributed heavily in the field of Sports. He is also globally known and appreciated as the founder of the Punjab Kabbadi Association and the current international level recognition enjoyed by Kabbadi owes its roots to the foundation laid by S. Balbir Singh. It is only because of his deep affection with the sports that Lyallpur Khalsa College has continued to excel in the field of Sports while also consecutively lifting the Teja Singh Samundari overall Sports Trophy for the record number of times over the times. Such record has become unparallel as far as educational institutions of the region are concerned. His entire life and way of living was based on exemplary and setting examples for others to follow. His attention to minute details led to Lyallpur Khalsa College becoming the premier institute it is today and also receiving the ‘Potential for Excellence’ award from the UGC. The college has also received a grant of Rs. 44 Lakh under the DST-FIST (2008) Star College and another grant of Rs 1.75 Crore from the DBT Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. If Lyallpur Khalsa College , Jalandhar, is now recognized as the premier educational institution of the country and if it is ranked among the three topmost multi faculty degree colleges of entire India it is mostly due to his efforts and the vision he once saw for the college which he duly followed up with his dedicated efforts. The college has already been re-accredited with 'A' grade with a high 3.74 CGPA in 4 point scale, by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) in the meeting of the Executive Committee. The college has also continued to perform excellently in the field of culture as well. College teams have also won various Youth Festivals organized by the University at National and International level since 2014 and every such success continues to be a stepping stone for future accomplishments. The fact that the college has excelled so superbly in the fields of academics, sports and culture as well only goes to highlight the visualization of Late S. Balbir Singh. It was his utmost wish to see his staff and students excel in all spheres of life. The current management under the worthy leadership of Sardarni Balbir Kaur has also continued to fulfill the visionary thought of Late S. Balbir Singh by announcing a cash prize of Rs. 51,000 to the ‘Best Player’ in Sports Category chosen by Guru Nanak Dev University and a trophy to the associated college as well. A brand new multi faceted college has also been set up at Urban Estate, Kapurthala to cater the growing educational needs of the region. On the fateful night of 13th February 2008, S. Balbir Singh quietly departed us forever and today he may be physically not among all of us but his presence is deeply felt at vey passing moment. One satisfying factor comforting all of us is the care and guidance being provided to the educational institutions group by Sardarni Balbir Kaur who has continued to nourish this educational sapling planted so dearly by Late S. Balbir Singh whilst keeping up the same virtues, dedication and sincerity. I am extremely proud to be serving this great institution as the Principal and like every soul connected with the college, I also feel accompanied by the benign presence and warm memory of Late S. Balbir Singh. Dr. Gurpinder Singh Samra Principal Lyallpur Khalsa College, Jal. 98788-22140

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