Dr. Parmod Sharma

Assistant Professor

Dr. Parmod Sharma did his Masters degree in Commerce from Lyallpur Khalsa College Jalandhar and doctorate (Ph.D) in Management from IKG Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar on the topic “A Study of Responsiveness of Selected Indian Companies towards Corporate Social Responsibility”. He has a teaching experience of 15 years.

15 Years in Teaching

Accounting & Finance

M.Com., Ph. D.

Publication Details

Books Published:

  1. Fundamentals of Banking (2017), Kalyani Publishers.

  2. Principles and Practices of Banking and Insurance (2017), Kalyani Publishers.

  3. Banking and Financial System (2016), Kalyani Publishers.

  4. Banking Operations and Procedures (2016), Kalyani Publishers.

  5. Bank Management (2015), Kalyani Publishers.

  6. Banking Law & Regulations (2015), Kalyani Publishers.

  7. Principles & Practices of Banking (2014), Kalyani Publishers.

  8. Banking Service Management (2014), Kalyani Publishers.

  9. Management of Banking Operations (2012), Kalyani Publishers.

  10. Quantitative Techniques (2011), Kalyani Publishers.

Research Papers: 

  1. A Comparative Analysis of CSR Activities of Selected Banking Companies in International Journal of Social Science and Economic Research (May 2018), Vol. 3, 5, pp 1697-1719.

  2. Corporate Social Responsibility: An Analysis of CSR Disclosures by Selected Indian Companies in Universal Research Analysis (Feb 2018), Vol. 3, 15, pp 9-24.

  3. A Study of Responsiveness of Indian Corporates towards Corporate Social Responsibility in International Journal of Business Management & Research (Aug 2015), 5, 4, pp 63-72.