Lyallpur Khalsa College, Jalandhar

Employer’s Feedback on Course

Rate the courses on the following attributes using the 4 -point scale shown. The format given is for one course. You can use this form for rating individual papers too. You need not disclose your name if you do not wish to.

S.No Parameters A
(Very Good)
1 The Course contents were up to date and included
information on latest trends.
2 The Course Content were as per the needs of the industryjob market
3 The course has a scope for improving personal skills.
4 The course has a scope for improving interpersonal skills.
5 The curriculum has practical work enough to train students for the field work
6 The course contents in the curriculum promote entrepreneurship
and students are encouraged and supported to initiate startups
7 The course contents are broad based to enable one to earn livelihood
8 Overall rating