Lyallpur Khalsa College, Jalandhar

Alumni Feedback on Course

(To be Filled by the End of the Term)

Rate the courses on the following attributes using the 4 -point scale shown. The format given is for one course. You can use this form for rating individual papers too. You need not disclose your name if you do not wish to.

S.No Parameters A
(Very Good)
1 Course Contents sensitized you towards issues like gender
equality, environment and sustainability, ethics and values etc
2 Academic flexibility in the curriculum provided you opportunities to pursue your interest by choosing from a vast number of options from your own area/specialization as well as from other areas
3 The curriculum aims at making students job- ready by imparting analytical and reasoning language and soft skills in addition to technical competencies, as demanded by the job market.
4 Course contents in the curriculum promote entrepreneurship and students are encouraged and supported to initiate startups
5 The curriculum was outcome based and the expected outcomes through various courses, are attained
6 The course contents were up to date
7 The course contents added to your previous knowledge
8 Overall rating