List of Books

Book Title Subject Author Publishing Year Language Book Pages
the coming age of solar energy astronomy & allied sciences_descriptive astronomy halacy d s jr 1967 ENGLISH 241
elements of genetics biotechnology colin edward c 1956 ENGLISH 498
anatomy of the chordates zoological sciences weichert k c 1965 ENGLISH 758
plant ecology biotechnology weaver john e 1966 ENGLISH 601
the structure and life of bryophytes botany watson e v 1967 ENGLISH 192
the study of plant communities botany osting henry j 1956 ENGLISH 440
the plant community botany hanson herbert c 1965 ENGLISH 218
botany for degree students botany dutta a c 1968 ENGLISH 804
principles of genetics biotechnology sinnott emdund w 1953 ENGLISH 459
heredity biotechnology shull a franklin 1954 ENGLISH 311