Having an eventful history of around seventy years, the department of English is one of the oldest departments of the College. It was established in 1948 as an undergraduate department and as a postgraduate department in 2002. The Department feels proud of having the services of eminent scholar Prof. G.S. Talib as the founder head. Senior most member of the faculty and Dean Academic Affairs, Prof. Jasreen Kaur is the present head of this momentous department since November 2009. At Post graduation level, the Department offers 2 years Master’s degree program in English Literature. At an undergraduate level, the department offers English as compulsory paper in BA, B.Sc. and B.Com. Communicative Skills as a paper is offered to B.Voc, BMM, BSc Biotech, BCA and B.Sc.(IT). English as an Elective paper is offered to BA students. Since its commencement, the department has been headed by some of the most distinguished and meritorious teachers of the Department. For more information visit: https://www.facebook.com/lkc.english

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The Department assists students in enhancing their proficiency in English Language and Literature by providing various facilities which include departmental library with 600 books, Journals, text-based films, Audio cassettes for visually impaired students, air-conditioned Language Lab equipped with L.E.D. projector, T.V, Computer etc. The English Literary Society of the Department organizes various activities, workshops, seminar and lectures to promote research in emerging areas of Literature and Language. The classroom allotted to Masters in English is also equipped with the latest technology including a giant screen, a projector and ready to use audio-video mechanism. Various literature based tools and tasks are carried through these technologies including powerpoint presentations, video descriptions, and literary movie screenings. The department has also formed Talib Alumni Association taking care of the ties with the ex-students of the department. The department conducts Bridge courses, Remedial classes and also provides a scholarship to the meritorious students.
The staff of the department is actively taking part in research activities. In total, four members of the department have attained their Doctorate degree whilst three others are actively pursuing their course of attaining the same status. In addition to that faculty members of the department are also regularly participating in various National and International level conferences and seminars. The faculty of the department is equally adept in various extra co-curricular activities and they have represented the department and the college through their participation as team leaders and as judges as well.

Vision/Objectives of the Department

  • Imparting quality English language teaching based on various techniques especially keeping in mind the background of the local students.

  • Inculcate literary thoughts and moral values among the students fulfilling the actual purpose of studying literature.

  • Focus on an all round growth of a student’s personality apart from the educational and academic imparting.

  • Organizing activities aimed at exploring hidden talents of students from all streams of the college.

  • Introducing students to the tools of research and broaden their critical sensibilities.

  • To assure the students encounter creativity crucial to English studies through theater productions, reading by professional writers, and their own creative and critical production and presentation.

  • To qualify students to master the linguistic, technological and scientific aspects of English language and literature.

Faculty Members

S.No Name Designation Qualification Profile
1 Jasreen Kaur Head of Department,
Associate Professor
M.A , M.Phil
2 Dr. Balraj Kaur Associate Professor B.A (Hons English) , M.A (English) , M.Phil , Ph.D.
3 Hariom Verma Associate Professor M.A
4 Ahuja Sandeep Assistant Professor M.A
5 Dr. Kanchan Mehta Assistant Professor M.A , Ph.D.
6 Dr. Charanjit Singh Assistant Professor M.A (English) , M.Phil (English) , Ph.D. (English)
7 Dr. Manmeet Sodhi Assistant Professor M.A , M.Phil , Ph.D.
8 Geetanjali Mahajan Assistant Professor B.A (Hons) , M.A , M.Phil
9 Manju Joshi Assistant Professor B.A (Hons) , M.A
10 Satpal Singh Assistant Professor M.A (English)