The Core Values of the Institution

The Core values of the institution are commensurate with the core values of the NAAC and are also in accordance with its vision and mission statements. These are :

    • Contributing to National Development

    • Fostering Global Competencies among Students

    • Inculcating a Value System among Students

    • Promoting the Use of Technology

    • Quest for Excellence

These core values are reflected in various institutional activities in the following ways:

Contributing to National Development

The institution adds to Human resource of the nation by producing thousands of qualified people capable of choosing right things for themselves and the nation and contributing to national development. It lays particular emphasis on educating women as it believes that empowerment of women can actually come by educating them. Around 40% students of the college are women.

Fostering Global Competencies among Students

The institution aims at making its students globally competent. For this reason, it offers its students a range of courses from traditional courses in Humanities to modern courses in advanced fields like Computer Science and Biotechnology. The institution also lays emphasis on computer literacy for its students. Special classes offering information on computers basics are held for the students as well as staff, from time to time.

Inculcating a Value System among Students

The institution aims at inculcating a value system within those who come to its portals for education. It provides value-based and quality education to its students- without any distinction on the basis of gender, caste, creed, region , religion or nationality- leading to their all-round development, as stated in its mission statement Moral and spiritual growth of the students is encouraged through courses organization of various spiritual programmes with the active involvement of the students. Students are enlightened with the Holy Gurbani- the Divine Word- to lead their lives in a moral and just manner. Various programmes and activities – such as rallies, seminars and poster making competitions on different themes are organized to make students aware of the serious problems challenging the modern world.

Promoting the Use of Technology

The institution promotes the use of technology in its various activities. ICT tools are used for effective teaching-learning process. Technology has been involved into curriculum and its transaction through ICT aided teaching –learning process.Technology has been employed in institutional activities at almost every step. Introduction of technology in administration right from admission to examination has made the processes transparent and easily manageable.

Quest for Excellence

The institution tries to achieve excellence through regular improvement in its services offered to the society. In order to keep pace with the fast competitive world, new courses are introduced and updated infrastructure is provided for their proper implementation.  The institution remains open to all those suggestions that may help it in achieving excellence. Establishment of IQAC in the College is a significant effort in this direction.