Bio Technology & Bio-Informatics

The initiative of establishing this department was in consonance with our commitment towards providing excellence in the specialized field of Biology, Biochemistry, Immunology, Microbiology, Animal tissue culture, and Plant tissue culture. The department is equipped with the latest equipment worth Rs.1 crore which includes: Nano-drop Spectrophotometer, Akta-prime® Protein Purification System, Ultracentrifuges, PCR, Gel Documentation System, CO incubator, Phase contrast 2 microscopes, Western and Southern blotting system, FermentorThe Department is funded by DBT under Star College Scheme. Recently, for the first time ever in northern India in the field of Biotechnology, the Department of this college has achieved a rare distinction of being awarded a DST-FIST grant of Rs.35 Lac for upliftment and development of infrastructure and labs for the students. Department has established a central computer lab for students for advanced research in Biotechnology/ Bioinformatics being sponsored by DST-FIST. For more information visit:

Faculty Members

S.No Name Designation Qualification Profile
1 Dr. Arun Dev Sharma Head of Department,
Associate Professor
M.Sc (Biotechnology) (Gold medallist) , Ph.D. (Biotechnology)
2 Dr. Gurpreet Singh Assistant Professor B.Sc (Hons. School), M.Sc (Hons. School), Ph.D (Life Sciences- Biotechnology)
3 Dr. Harsharan Singh Assistant Professor M.Sc , Ph.D.
4 Gobind Ram Assistant Professor B.Sc (Biotechnology) , M.Sc (Bioinformatics)
5 Dr. Inderjeet Kaur Assistant Professor M.Sc (Microbiology) , Ph.D. (Microbiology)