President’s Message

An educated capable and morally upright human resource is the most valuable asset any nation can have. India with the largest number of young people and an extensive education system is definitely a wealthy nation in this regard. We, at Lyallpur Khalsa College the play our role in this regard by shaping up young minds into a potent workforce that contributes in a positive manner to progress of the country and betterment of the society. In its life journey, the college has provided education to the young men and women of the country without any kind of discrimination. Offering a blend of tradition and modernity, science and spirituality, knowledge and action and learning and recreation, the college has remained loyal to the vision of its founders and has tried successfully to live up to the expectations the society has always had from it. As the president of the Governing Council of the College, I assure you that the college will continue to fulfill the duty assigned to it.