Centre for Historical Studies

With an aim to promote research, Lyallpur Khalsa College, Jalandhar set up a Centre for Historical Studies in 1999. The Centre undertakes research activities on various topics related to history-particularly Punjab and Sikh History. The Centre published The Khalsa, a book on Sikh History, as a befitting tribute to the Khalsa Tercentenary.

Punjab Centre for Migration Studies

With a primary objective of encouraging fundamental research on all aspects of Punjab’s migration processes, the college has set up a Punjab Centre for Migration Studies. The Centre undertakes fundamental research into the history, settlement and growth of Punjabi communities overseas as also of non–punjabis influx into Punjab. The Centre aims to bring together experts from diverse fields to deliberate on theoretical as well policy studies. The centre also plans to highlight overseas Punjabi’s role through exhibitions and conferences.

Centre for Guru Granth Sahib Studies

The Centre for Guru Granth Sahib Studies was established in 2004 on the occasion of the tercentenary of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Since then the Centre has been carrying out research activities on Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

S. Balbir Singh Centre for Sciences

Balbir Singh Center for Science was established in the college campus in the sweet remembrance of our beloved President Governing Council, Late S. Balbir Singh. He was a philanthropist, educationist and visionary par excellence who was committed, with the aim to provide quality education in this border region of Punjab. The center has been working for the welfare of the students by way of organizing lectures and other such activities. Educational trips to various research institutes of international stature were also organized to expose the students to the latest technologies and researches going across the globe.

Dr. Gurpreet Singh