Centre for Youth Affairs and Personality Development

The vision of Centre for Youth Development and Activities is to “Create an enabling environment in society for the young people that allow them to grow as responsible, healthy, productive and independent individuals”. To achieve this goal the college has established a “Centre for Youth Affairs and Personality Development” under which the youth of the college is involved in various constructive activities. The main motive of the club is to channelize the ever-flowing youth energy for the development of the society and the nation. Under the aegis of the aforesaid center the youth of the college are involved in various positive activities. It is a voluntary organization which is involved in educating people and the society against the menace of HIV/AIDS, gender inequality, the killing of the girl child, traffic mismanagement etc. among others. Special endeavor is made to help develop the character, skills, confidence of the youth and promote a sense of secularism, patriotism, service, and co-operation among them. Various blood donation camps, tours, seminars, debates, conferences, workshops, and meetings etc. are organized by the students from time to time on the topics of national integration, good governance, social justice, ways to eliminate poverty, illiteracy, corruption, pollution, and intoxication from the society etc. The students are also encouraged to help as well as manage people during the time of natural or other disasters.