Dr. Pooja Ralhan Gulati

Assistant Professor

15 Years  in Teaching

Accounting and Finance

M.Com, MBA, M.Phil, Ph.D

Publication Details

Books Published: 1

  • Entrepreneurship and Small Scale Business
  • Management Techniques and services

Research in Papers: 8


  • A Study of Sector Wise Non Performing Assets of Scheduled Commercial Banks of India Chicago International Journal of Advanced Studies March 2016 2321-9173.
  • Management of NPAs: An Empirical Comparative Study of Public Sector Banks International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Management Studies May 2016 2321-7782.
  • Comparative Efficiency In NPA Management: An Empirical Study of Old Private Sector Banks International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts April 2018 2320-2882.
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  • Comparative Analysis of Foreign Banks With Respect To NPA Management Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research May 2018 2349-5162.
  • NPA Management Efficiency: A Comparative Study of New Private Sector Banks International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research and Innovations June 2018 2348-1218 (print) 2348-1226 (online).
  • Comparative Analysis of Impact of NPAs on Profitability International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews APRIL – JUNE 2018 e ISSN 2348 –1269, Print ISSN 2349-5138.
  • Comparative Analysis of Trends of NPAs of Various Groups of Scheduled Commercial Banks International Journal of Basic and Applied Research June 2018 2249-3352 (P) 2278-0505 (E).
  • Causes of NPAs: A Comparative Analysis of Perception of Bankers of Various Groups of Scheduled Commercial Banks.The Research Journal of Social Sciences August 2018 (P) 0025-1348 (O) 2456-1356.