Remedial Coaching

Education is meant not only to nurture the excellence already in a gifted person but also to uplift the not-so-gifted. Students come from diverse backgrounds with different learning capacities. They differ in learning skills, academic performance and grasping levels, so they need additional guidance. Remedial Classes are the ways devised by the College to help academically underperforming students. After the declaration of examination results, departments pin down the subjects in which students need the guidance most and also find students who under performed in these exams. Through class tests and discussions teachers also identify those pupils who need special care and support in academics. Accordingly, remedial sessions are conducted to develop specific competencies of the students that may contribute to their academic and professional success. The classes are held without disturbing the regular instructional hours and are usually conducted before or after regular class hours. Simplified notes and solved previous year question papers are provided to the students. College does not charge any fee for it from the students. Currently, Dr. Karanbir Singh (Ph. No. 98888-18301, is the Coordinator of Remedial Coaching programme.

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