Student Council of the College:  Objectives, Constitution and Responsibilities


With an objective to promote student participation in institutional; activities and to make them feel well represented in institutional working, Student Council is constituted for the institution. The council is a representative body which acts as counseling and advisory body to the institutional administration in the matters related to student facility and welfare.


The Council draws its membership from the students holding the topmost position in their respective departmental student bodies and has Dean Student Welfare as its In-charge. One of the members is nominated by the In-charge as the Secretary of the Council.


The Council is constituted on annual basis and its tenure is one session maximum from its date of formation after which it is reconstituted.


The responsibilities of the members include:

1.     Coordinating between different student bodies at the time of different academic and co-curricular activities

2.     Receiving  relevant suggestions from the respective student bodies and departments they belong to and conveying them to the In-charge of the Council

The responsibilities of the Secretary include:

1.     Coordinating between different members and conveying useful feedback and suggestions regarding various institutional activities to the In-charge of the Council

2.     Organizing and Coordinating meetings of the Council as and when needed.

3.     Ensuring Smooth working of the Council

The responsibilities of the In-charge include:

1.     Constituting, As dean student welfare, Student Council for the session

2.     Nominating Secretary of the Council

3.     Conveying the motions passed in the meetings of the council to the Principal.


Student Council 2018-19

Student Council 2019-20