Hand book of Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Students:

To foster a sense of discipline among the students a code of conduct has been laid down by the College. The institution expects the students to observe this code of conduct strictly.

1. No student will be allowed to enter the college premises without the College Identity Card.
2. Students must maintain discipline and decorum in and outside the classrooms. They should be polite, regular and punctual in their behaviour. They should be present in the classroom before the teacher enters.
3. Students are advised not to stand in groups in the passage and thus obstruct the movement of others in the college. Quarrels and disputes should be avoided and self-restraint should be exercised. In the event of a dispute, a written complaint should be made to the Principal at once.
5. No damage to the College property will be condoned under any circumstances.
6. Students are expected to keep aloof from active politics as it adversely affects their academic pursuits.
7. Students are required to apply for leave whenever they are unable to attend the class. Printed leave-forms are available in the college bookshop.
• Bringing Mobile Phone in the College campus without prior permission is
strictly prohibited
• Photography in the college campus is strictly prohibited

Students who are found guilty of infringement of code of conduct shall be liable to punishment in the form of fine, expulsion from the college and withdrawal of admission from the University depending on the seriousness of the offence. On top of all, the college can refuse admission to such students in the coming years.