S.No Name of the Course Download
1 Human Rights and Values (HR-021)
2 Graphic Design and Multimedia (ACS-107)
3 Fundamental Course in Quantitative Chemical Analysis (FCQCA-101)
4 Electrical and Electronic Components in Daily Life (PHY-203)
5 Digital Photography & Composition (ACS-110)
6 Radiation Detection, Instrumentation and Data Analysis (PHY-201)
7 Aptitude Skill Development (ACS-104)
8 Web Technology (ACS-102)
9 Basic Skill in English Language (BSEL-101)
10 Data Sciences using Python Tools (ACS-108)
11 Android Application Development (ACS-109)
12 Rangmanch Atte Rangmanchi Jugtan (RRJ-201)
13 Vermitechnology (AZV-101)
14 Introduction To Historical  Monuments in Doaba Region (HMDR-021)
15 Disaster Management (DMG-101)
16 Phytopathology and Plant Protection (BPPP-301)
17 Fundamental Course In Instrumental Analysis (FCIA-106)
18 Fundamental Course in Qualitative Chemical Analysis (FCQCA-102)
19 Music Techniques (MT-101)
20 Trends in Biotechnology (TBT-007)
21 Remote Sensing and GIS (RG-110)
22 Problem Solving in Competitive Exams (PSCE-101)
23 Data Analysis with SPSS (DASPSS-102)
24 Electrotherapy Equipment Maintenance (ECM-18)
25 Infield Injury Management (ISM-16)
26 Patient-Therapist Communication Skills (PTC-14)
27 Basics of Entrepreneurship (VABE-101 )
28 Optics: Light And Vision (PHY-202)
29 Geriatric Care (GC)